Pro-licenced Spanish coach joined our Academy after ten years of coaching in Barcelona

Another Spanish coach has recently joined the professional staff of Barca Academy Hungary. Enrique Sanchez, aka Quique, spent ten years coaching in Barcelona, where he also obtained his UEFA Pro licence before moving to Budapest. He is currently the coordinator of our training centre in Hidegkút and coach of the girls' team. In our interview, he tells us about his professional background, his goals and which Barca players are his favourites and for what values.

  • Welcome to Barca Academy Hungary! Introduce yourself to us, please!
  • I am Enrique Sanchez, but most people call me Quique. I am 32 years old, born in Colombia, but when I was nine years old we moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I have lived most of my life and where I got my citizenship. It was here that I became a football fan, playing at amateur level and studying business and law. I have two degrees and have completed two master's degrees in law and sports.


  • When and how did you become a coach?
  • In Barcelona, I completed UEFA training. I obtained my B-, A- and then Pro-licence. I've been a coach for almost ten years, working with amateur teams and junior teams. Before that I played football, but after that I focused more on coaching.


  • How did you get involved with FC Barcelona?
  • In Barcelona, I worked for several clubs, FC Martinenc, CE Apa Poble SEC, CF DAMM, Cerdanyola and EF Premier Barcelona. I spent my last season at the latter club before signing for FC Barcelona. I had great bosses and mentors at these places, from whom I learned a lot as a football coach. After that, the opportunity in Budapest came and I was delighted to accept.


  • What are your first impressions of the country, the city, the Academy?
  • Budapest is a wonderful city, and I've been to many places in Europe, but this one struck me as particularly special. Lots of beautiful buildings, special cafés, excellent public transport, nice, friendly people. From the first moment I arrived at the Academy, I was made very welcome, and the conditions are impeccable, we have all the equipment we need to train without any problems at any time.


  • What is your exact job description?
  • I became the coordinator of the training centre in Hűvösvölgy. Wow, that's not an easy word... But at least it improves my Hungarian skills! As a coordinator I am not only in charge of the training sessions, I am also responsible for the base in Hűvösvölgy. Tamas Varga and I run the trainings together, we can work together very well, we understand each other perfectly. I am also the head coach of our girls' team. I'm happy that girls are playing football at our Academy, because women's football is becoming more and more popular, and the FC Barcelona women's team is the best in the world.

  • What was your purpose in coming to the Academy?
  • I want to get the best out of each of my players by passing on the same values here in Budapest that they teach their peers in Barcelona. My aim is to teach them what it means to be a Barca player on and off the pitch. I want to be a better coach. I'm facing new circumstances, new situations after ten years in Barcelona, during which I've only had Spanish and Catalan players under my belt. It's a great opportunity to prove myself, I'm in a new culture, new habits and with new players.


  • What is your coaching credo?
  • For me, the most important thing is to always be able to stay humble. It is important not to lose our curiosity, because every day is a great opportunity to learn something new. To do this, we must not be arrogant, we must not think we know everything, but we must learn from those who are more experienced than us, from our coaches, from our professional director, and from our own mistakes. Always strive for the maximum and set the bar higher!


  • Are you a barca fan?
  • That's obvious, of course I am! Besides the men's team, I've been following the women's team since I was very young, and I've been going to a lot of their matches.


  • Who is your favourite player in the current squad? And if you can choose anyone from a previous team?
  • Pedri and Gavi from the current squad, but if I could only pick one, I'd pick the latter. Gavi grew up at La Masia and he probably best represents the values I mentioned earlier that are important to me. He is a very humble and brave player who always fights to the last and tries to do his best, all in order to help his team with his performance. And from the teams of my childhood, I would single out Andrés Iniesta, who I can also say the same about as Gavi.


  • What are the first three phrases you learned in Hungarian and which one is your favourite?
  • „Köszönöm”, „nagyon jó” and „semmi baj”. Köszönöm is my favourite!
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