Our ambition was to create a national youth club with international standards, which had been brought to life with the help of one of the most well-known and successful teams in Europe, the Spanish FC Barcelona.

We believe in raising world-class players under our technical guidance, who will hopefully reach, or even surpass their predecessors’ - László Kubala, Zoltán Czibor, Sándor Kocsis - reputation and successes. As the club hymn also states, the same flag unites us, wherever we come from.

With Barça as our background – who is currently followed by more than 200 million people on social media, and has a worldwide fanbase of 300 million – we can utilise and pass along the knowledge and innovation developed and researched by some of the very best sports scientists in the world. With these means and measures, we have the capacity to manage the complete career cycle of players

Our program constantly represents FC Barcelona’s values and sport philosophy, which is utterly important in creating a next-generation player base, which is one of our main goals. High-level competition and the loveof sport are not incompatibles, alas, the exact opposite! This club is our passion, since the love of sport enables us to develop and educate young talents, perhaps even the opportunity to incubate changes in society. This motivates us and unites us with our teammates.

This sport teaches us the importance of working together to achieve common goals.

This is our point of view, which we want our players to immerse in.

Playing is a victory itself!

The club’s own style of play is easily recognisable, it’s intuitive and flexible, which became one of the most important features of the team. Our identifiable way of performing on the pitch is also our guide to how to perform off of it.

Characteristics of our style of play:


We view the game as a holistic collaboration of all players,

where the teammates work together for the ball and a victory.

We use strategies to weaken the importance of individual play,

but not by weakening the personal performance.

It provides a high level of efficiency and enjoyability

by optimising personal performance.

It prioritises optimal running –

knowing where to run instead of running a lot.

It insures constant communication

between the players with and without the ball.

It creates continuity of play

by using elaborate, connected schemes.
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