Played with Champions League winner star, now facing new challenges

Alberto Tavira Molina has begun his second season as coach of Barca Academy Hungary, and he will have new responsibilities this year. We asked our coach about these responsibilities, the lessons learned from the first season and his footballing past in the wake of the Barca Academy Hungary Cup.


- You've been here for a year, how do you look back on that period?
- I make a positive balance, but it has been complicated, this year I felt much better, more focused and I enjoy more what I am doing on and off the field.

 - What are your thoughts about the Hungarian environment, the Hungarian players?
- I think the Hungarians are very reserved, but with my players I try to make them feel confident to be able to talk to me about all the issues, I try to be a friend to them but always from the coach's side. I think the Hungarian environment has to be more open and understand that sometimes there are more right choices and that the thoughts of others can also be the right ones.

 - How do you see Barca Academy Hungary, before your second season at the club?
- I continue to see an academy with a lot of potential, but also with many things to improve, I think this academy can give much more and we need to be 100x100 to be able to achieve it.

 - After Lucas Ferrer's left you have new tasks in the Academy. Tell us about that, what are those?
- Now I am with the red 2008 and the red 2012, they are two teams that thanks to Lucas and Jordi come very well prepared, I also act as coordinator of Uppers teams, but I am one more coach who tries to give his best version and try to help all the coaches and members of the academy.

- What are the goals for this season? Yours and the Academy's.
- I imagine that the objectives of the academy is that every month there are more children, that what is talked about the academy is positive. My goal is that tomorrow the children remember that Alberto was their coach and that they can say that it was a good year for them.

- What is your coaching philosophy? How do you treat the players?
- I try to treat the players with the respect they deserve, I like to be very close and feel the player as a family, I spend with them much more time than with any family member or friend, so they are my family here.

 - Do you have a role model in coaching?
- The model I follow as a coach is to try to be honest and fair with all the players, I like to get the most out of each player, but if I see that a player cannot give me what I need, I will let him know in the best way.

 - Looking back at your football career, can you tell us how it went?
- It was a beautiful stage, I was in teams like Barcelona and Valencia, I was in the Spanish National Team, I am very proud of that era and I do not regret anything I have lived.

 - How do you look back at your time in La Masia?
- I remember it as a stage of a lot of learning, without that stage I would not be the person or coach I am now.

- Who was the best player that you played with in La Masia?
- Deulofeu was a very talented player, when I was in Valencia there was Isco. There are many players who are now playing at a good level.

- What do you think about the opportunity that our players will get again: experiencing La Masia?
- It is a unique and very beautiful experience that they have to live and enjoy to the fullest, we are facing an incredible opportunity and I think many players deserve it. I'm glad he got that opportunity.

 - Do you like living in Budapest? What is your favourite place in the city?
 - Every day I like the city more and live in Budapest, if I had to choose a place it would be the parliament, I really like to see it at night when it is illuminated. Thank you


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