Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is any pre-education needed to join?

    No. There’s no need for previous footballing experiences to join. During the recruitment process our technical directors will only get a picture about the applicant’s current physical state and attitude.

  • Which age groups can join Barca Academy Hungary?

    We are looking for children who already had their fourth birthdays, and we will oversee their careers up until they become 19 years old. From this autumn, players born on or after 2005.01.01. should apply for the recruitment process and our trainings as well.

  • Is there anything I should do after filling the application form?

    After filling out the form you will receive an e-mail with all the information needed, including on the payment of the registration fee..

  • Will the trainings be held in a newly built establishment or in already built sports venues?

    The exact places are to be defined only after all applications are finished. Accessibility is a main aspect, so we try to choose our venues prioritising areas with great public transportational possibilities.

  • Will FC Barcelona’s coaches take part in the Academy’s work?

    Absolutely. We have a close ongoing cooperation with the Spanish Barca Academy coaches. More information on the topic is available in the development menu.

  • Is this a summer camp?

    Barca Academy Hungary shouldn’t be mixed up with the ’barca summer camp’ held in Dabas. Players accepted into our academy will take part in our program between September and June. Although, we also offer summer camps for our players and all those who are interested!!

  • Can we apply all year?

    Application is open all year, but the selection, also known as the recruitment process is always in the summer months, usually mid-summer. For more information about the dates send us a message to

  • Will the child be transferred from his club after successful application?

    Yes, we will have to sign the child. We will let the parents know the details of the transfer process.

  • What should we expect at the recruitment process?

    We are testing ball skills, coordination, speed, dynamism, in-game intelligence and decision making. The length of the process depends on the number of applicants, but usually lasts 1-2 hours.

  • Those not getting accepted into the program will have the possibility to re-apply in the future?

    We’re testing the children every summer, so those not getting accepted can try again next year, with another season’s experience gained.

  • Can girls apply as well?

    Yes. Girls can apply, but the program is not coeducated, so launching girls’ teams will depend on the number of applicants and accepted players.

  • What are the costs of the academy?

    The players have to pay a monthly fee of 30.000 HUF every month of the year.

  • Can the monthly fee be reduced?

    In special cases the club can give discounts to the accepted players, which will be valued after the recruitment process. Examples include brothers’ discount, paying the whole year in one sum, etc.

  • What other help can the players receive?

    Our other services for our players will include dietetic consultation, mental preparation, and movement analysis. We are currently working on providing these possibilities.

  • Only those from Budapest can apply?

    Naturally those who aren’t living in the capital can apply as well, although you have to keep in mind the fact that our trainings are in Buda and Pest.

  • Is the program residential?

    No, the children are coming to our trainings after school.

  • Are you planning to create another academy in Hungary away from the capital?

    Currently we’re not planning on expanding. But we will have presentational trainings in bigger Hungarian cities in the near future!

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