Development program

Barca Academy Hungary joins a worldwide system created by FC Barcelona , which offers an opportunity to stand out for children in Asia, America, Africa, Oceania. In Europe, after Warsaw, Moscow, and Istanbul, Budapest was the fourth city to welcome an institution

which gives our children the possibility to integrate the club’s famous philosophy and style of play.

Our academy’s very best pupils will also be able to continue their careers on the Iberian peninsula, as a part of Barca's well-developed player system.

The Budapest-based trainings also help Hungary’s many talented players to develop in a familiar environment, including children previously educated by other clubs, to reach the peak of their potential.

The Catalonian club gives us the best, most modern training methods, which in Hungary will be guided by a Spanish technical director, controlling the development and professional work done by the club and coaches day-by-day. Furthermore, Barcelona has created an extensive program to educate children aligning with the club’s famous „more than a club” motto.

With all of this work done, children will familiarise with integration of sport, tolerance, respect, solidarity and friendship bot hon and off the field.

We truly believe that Barcelona’s developmental program will help not only the finest young players reach their goals playing for the club, but also the national team and Hungarian football itself. The very best players, like Kubala, Kocsis and Czibor a few years ago, will be playing for the Catalonian club once again.

Our goals

Football development system based on the world famous FC Barcelona methodics

Taking a step forward in transmitting the integrational, educational and cultural values of football

Building a positive approach towards football as a sport

Gaining and maintaining children’s interest in a regular physical activity

Inspiring motivation for taking part in FC Barcelona's programs

Transmitting the values of respecting the opponents and fair play

Preparing our players for matches and competitions

Integrating the local environment to MLSZ's goals

Player development by FC Barcelona's system and methods

( For players aged 4-19 years )

The players successfully finishing the recruitment process will be signed and registered by FC Barcelona, their names and dates of birth will be officially communicated to MLSZ by the Spanish club

We welcome children from 4 years of age to take part in our recruitment process guiding their development in the club until they become 19 years old. In our program starting on the fall of 2019 we are accepting children born on or after 2005.01.01.

Under the professional supervision of a Spanish technical director chosen and appointed by FC Barcelona

Trained by personnel who all successfully completed Barca's obligatory coaching course

Helped by professionals in other fields of football training (goalkeeping coach, coordinational coach, psychologist, dietician etc)

Groups of 12 (following Barcelona's methodology)

Education by constantly using and playing the ball

A personal approach tailored to every single player's needs

The trainings last 60-90 minutes, depending on the group's age

In certain age groups the children don't take part in cyclic competitions

Girls aren't separated from boys in training and matches/competitions on the weekends

Official FC Barcelona equipment (professional Nike jerseys and tools)

Personal trainings, sports camps, FC Barcelona summer camps

The five principal values that define the spirit of FC Barcelona

Barca Academy Hungary


Respect for others is one of the basic requirements of democratic life and the capacity to live in society. It affects the individual and has both a social and a collective dimension. Respect is a fundamental part of sport, for sport generates situations of tension that have to be resolved almost instantaneously. There is therefore a need, above rules and standards, for this value to be present in order to guarantee cordial and correct interrelations between people. In sport, respect is needed in similar situations to those where it is demanded in wider society, but the intensity of the moment implies that the presence or absence of respect can be very obvious and can affect the development of the situation or event.

Barca Academy Hungary


There are many social models that avoid effort and advocate instead luck, opportunism and immediate triumph. However, effort is a value that can take us to unthinkable heights and lead us to achieve targets and objectives that may at other times appear distant or inaccessible. Dedication, rigour, constancy, sacrifice and perseverance all bear fruit, while luck and the search for a quick win are often fleeting and momentary. Note that at school, teachers have for a long time being promoting a culture of effort as the vehicle for academic development and personal achievement, and this helps to construct new social models.

Barca Academy Hungary


Ambition is the desire to achieve the maximum performance and do things not only well but also as well as is feasibly possible and to improve every day. This value is applicable both to individuals and to groups. It involves use of a web of values as varied as excellence, patience, discipline, order, motivation and responsibility. Indeed, ambition invokes and requires a broad system of values and, in turn, is related with a job being done well, effort and rigour. Regarding targets, ambition is probably the surest way of achieving them, for it is the impulse to grow.

Barca Academy Hungary


Teamwork implies that the subject forms part of a group and that, as a member of the same, becomes an active element that acts on behalf of the whole (sometimes even to the determine of their own individuality). There are undeniable benefits of knowing that you are part of a team and this requires the learning and accentuation of many other values.

Barca Academy Hungary


Often when athletes, and people in general, achieve the goals they have set themselves, they start feeling superior in physical, moral, economic and other terms, and this leads them to forget certain values that have in all probability helped them to achieved those very goals: effort, perseverance, self-control, etc. We are all aware of how FC Barcelona has dealt with its victories of recent years, and how it has always shown humility (and also such values as effort, rigour, responsibility and others) to win respect in its field, and among its opponents, and generally everyone. Humility probably consists of knowing how to be clear about one’s values, and to maintain them and defend them even in situations where you are clearly superior and more successful.

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