Development Program – not just for Barca players!

Development Program – különedzés, már külsősöknek is!

Barca Academy Hungary offers its players the opportunity for a special training in addition to their midweek training sessions - we call this the Development Program. In these sessions, players can get more attention from their coaches and have the time and opportunity to practise technical and tactical elements that they don't have the opportunity for in the other, more intensive training sessions.

In autumn 2021, we have opened up our Development Program for outside players, who can try out what a Barca training session is like and show themselves so that they can become our players in the future.

Why is it worth attending these events?


Small group size

6-8 players per coach, more coaching attention per person.

Development focused on Barca values

quality, instruction-based training based on the principles of individual playing style.

Individual feedback

personalised coaching guidance, developing basic skills, focusing on areas for improvement.

Multiple ages, multiple levels

from beginner to advanced, and from the youngest to the oldest, we welcome our players in separate groups.

Carefully designed program

training sessions structured in several blocks, using the Barca methodology, with special attention to the different age groups.

What does our players and coaches say about the Development Program?

Rubén Morales, technical director

Our players

Our coaches

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